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UsenetWire - A Free Newsreader

A great free newsreader for Windows, Mac and Linux. UsenetWire is both easy for Usenet beginners as well as a powerful tool for experienced pros.

  • Free software
  • Automated Searches
  • Easy Setup
  • Automatic Search & Article Retrieval
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Decompression

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Very advanced program and completely cross platform, Windows, macOS and Linux.

  • Free and open source software
  • Advanced functions and settings
  • Built in search function
  • Automatic repair and extraction of binaries


Also works with all other Usenet newsreaders!


Affordable Accounts

Accounts that fit your needs.

Do you browse a lot of Usenet articles and don't want the concerns of exceeding data limits? With a flat fee account you pay a flat rate for unlimited data. If you know what you want to access, or don't want your data to expire, the block account is right for you. You get a fixed amount of data which you can use at a maximum rate of 100Mbit. This makes for a nice so called 'fill account'.

The more you order, the higher the discount gets. You can get discounts up to 30% if you pay a whole year in advance!


4500 Days Binary Retention

We can take you back in time more than eleven years!

Because we strive to give you the highest possible binary retention, you can access posts over 4500 days after they are posted. With Tweaknews you can be sure you can find what you're looking for. We guarantee completion of 99.9%.

We challenge everyone to take our claims to the test, try our retention and see for yourself!

Rocket Ship


Browse with no speed limitations.

Whether you want a cheap account for occasional use or need a lot of speed to put your internet connection to the test, Tweaknews has an account that is right for you. Speeds range from 1 Mbit up to Unlimited.

Flat Fee Subscriptions

Because you pay us per month, you can access as much as you want for that period of time. You get unlimited access to our Usenet service and there is no data limit.

  • No data limit
  • No unexpected costs
  • Full speed ahead!

Block Accounts

Because you pay per gigabyte, you can access Usenet as fast as your connection allows. You get access to our Usenet service until you reach your data limit.

  • No speed limit
  • No unexpected costs
  • Nice fill account!

Safe and Anonymous with SSL

Nobody needs to know…

Tweaknews offers all of it's users free usage of SSL encryption. This is the same method your bank uses to secure its transfers. With SSL your privacy is secured.

  • SSL can increase speeds if your provider performs traffic shaping.
  • More secure, nobody can see what goes on in your connection.
  • Anonymous because your Usenet activity is completely stealth.